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    We are a nut free school.
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    The Escambia County School District Food Service Department wants to remind families that school meals will continue to be provided via curb-side service, until May 22, 2020.  Families should make plans now to switch to an alternative summer community feeding location.  Alternative feeding programs are currently available through a number of local organizations. 


    Families are encouraged to locate an alternative summer community feeding location by going to, and entering a home address.  This website provides a map showing feeding sites nearby.  Families without internet access can call 2-1-1 or text FOODFL to 877-877 for assistance as well.


    Suite 360 for Parents

    Check out the Suite 360 flyer for parents. You can sign up using the link in the flyer below.

    The district code is ESCAMBIA

    CAll out july 10th

    Good evening parents, this is Will Taylor, Principal of Beulah Middle.  It will be long so if you get cut off or if something is not clear, the transcript is located on our School Web page.

    If your child is a 7th grader, they are required to have a Tdap booster shot prior to starting 7th grade, you can call 850-595-6554, the local health department and get an appointment or use your own healthcare provider but it needs to be done before starting school.


    If your student is a 6th grader and is interested in the band they should have received a letter from Mr. Campbell, our band director.  It would be a google form and located in their student email.  It contains information about picking an instrument for the coming year.  If they have not, give us a call and we will have Mr. Campbell reach out to you.


    If your child is taking the Algebra or Geometry EOC, it will be Tuesday at 9 in the cafeteria, this allows plenty of spacing for the students who are taking it.  They will need to have a mask to wear until they are at their table then can take it off.  Their CB needs to be fully charged.  They can bring a pencil and paper just in case they need it.  A water bottle is acceptable.  They can bring their phone but will put it on another table while testing.  This will allow them to text you when they are done.


    In the previous callout, I shared how the classrooms will be arranged and cleaned, the hand sanitizing stations in each room and cafeteria, the water fountains being converted to bottle only, no-touch, they are actually working on that today. How PE will be different, our staggered release times for class change, and how we will keep distance during lunch as well as the badges student will have so they do not have to touch a keypad.  Our pick-up lines will be extended for car riders, the temp checks for teachers daily and about masks, while not required, we are going to push and encourage them in all areas.


    The 3 options this fall.   Option 1 is regular school which is referred to as traditional.   Option 2, you can sign up for Escambia Virtual or Florida Virtual.  This is unrelated to Beulah so you would need to contact School choice to do this or option 3, you can do a remote learning option.  This will not be what was done in April and May except they will be working from home.  They will have a Beulah Middle schedule with Beulah Middle teachers, they will have a schedule just like students attending school at the building.  If they have math 1st period they will be required to log in at the time the first period starts and will work remotely, doing the same work the students at the school will be doing. We will not be able to offer all the electives that will be offered at the school because they do not lend them themselves to online learning as well.  With the remote option, they will be eligible for the free lunch and breakfast and it will be a drive up and grab like it was done in April and May.  They are creating a link in Focus so you can let them know if you plan to pick up breakfast and lunch that week. 

    We do ask for a 9-week commitment but if at that time, you feel better about sending your child to the school, they will be where everybody else is in the curriculum.  Or, if you feel that it is better they work from home, at that time they can transition to remote and pick up where the classroom left off. 

    You can go to our web page and there is a button below the callout transcript that takes you to the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations.  It is a good read and they do recommend for students to be back at the school.


    The Superintendents survey is up and running and is on the district web page.   This is where you choose what option you prefer. Many of you have made a choice and I appreciate that as it will help with scheduling.  If you have not decided please do so by the 20th.  They have the website up and you can get more details about the options from there

     We want you to feel good about your child's education so if you have questions please don’t hesitate to call.


    As things change, we will be making plans for those changes and letting you know.

    As always, give us a call if you have any questions.

    Now for that smile or groan-Why do seagulls refuse to fly over the bay?  Because then they would be bagels






    Please view the new car rider line instructions located here:  Car Rider Line Instructions  

    Club and Athletic Dates

    All clubs and athletic groups have Google classrooms with meeting dates and information from meetings/practices. If your child is a member of a club or athletic group, please check the Google classroom for meeting/practice dates and times as well as other information pertaining to the activity.