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Our Sponsors


We wish to thank all our sponsors for their support of this Robotics program.  After reaching our on local social media pages and face to face visiting local businesses we have confirmed the following local sponsors.  

These sponsors have offered both financial support and a true interest in all aspects of what we do in the Robotics program.


 Joyce Cochrane of British Teacups 

Emerald Coast Coins

Bayou Cajun




Rigsby orthrodontist



Edward Jones




Sponsors Feedback

TWW wants to STEM-ulate our students by supporting them in the BEST Robotics Competition hosted at UWF on Oct.26th... "We felt this project was especially crucial this time of year as the anniversary of Hurricane Michael approaches" "We cannot wait to see the storm cleaning robots what a fantastic way to use technology to benefit the beautiful city's on our coast.

This comment was written by TWWLaw dated  xxxxx








Thank you to our sponsors!              😀