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Our Teams


The website team is ensuring the design and information presented can be found easily by its website visitors.    Ensuring all aspects of the competition can be found.  Linking sponsors home web pages. Links to the details of the full UWF competition itinerary. They have actively worked with all team members of the whole team so the information is up to date and valid.  These web designers have shown great technical ability using the skills they have already mastered.  Their goal is to ensure the website is up and running with current information and facts in a fun and informative way.


Spirit team are the active team who have designed not only our competition logo and T Shirt designs they have motivated the whole team with their dance and song.  Ensuring we have a LOUD presence in the competition they have designed and made all our  shakers and cheering swag.  The spirit is not only confined to this part of team but the whole team and school we are buzzing with excitement and the competition.

Robot Build/Drive

The students that are involved in the build design and will drive our robot have the most experience in the subject of engineering and robotics.    Working with power tools 3D printers  scoping the whole parts from designs is ensuring they build each element you can see their passion for engineering.   Their goal is to have a robot ready to use for the competition.  Without Bears build and drive team we wouldn’t have a robot coded correctly  to drive in the obstacle course at the competition 

With the most experience from previous robotic competitions our drivers will be the ones with the extra pressure on the day.  So we have been testing and practicing on a duplicate course in our school.  The whole team will support them and we will do our best on the day.   


Notebook team document the whole process from start to finish of the complete stages of the project. This team will need to interact will all teams to obtain information brain storming the approaches used and to analyise all designs reviewed during the project.   team The notebook team has to hand in the finished documentation a week before the competition.  

Product Sellers

Our product sellers have to go around trying to sell our products. It takes a lot of practice for this role. You have to be very persuasive, and also you have to be able to talk in front of people to sell these products.  These team members have strong presentation and the ability to engage a spark when selling.  They believe and are proud of our product and can share its full potential. 

Team Booth

Team booth is a very creative team.  Not only do they need to be artistic in their design.   They need to be able to reflect and accomodate in the booth where the product sellers will be selling all of our products and host games etc.  This area is the